Scinomed Plasma Collection Machine

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Scinomed Plasma Collection Machine 

The Scinomed Plasma Machine utilises innovative new technology, designed, developed and manufactured by Scinomed. Combining customer experience, commercial and engineering know-how, Scinomed has taken proven concepts and engineered a device for the future adding safety, process efficiency and productivity.

Using the latest electro-mechanical concepts, combining key components minimises operator touch points. Simplicity enhances work flow efficiency and improves safety. RFID & Barcode readers enhance operational compliance. Integration into networked donor management systems increases productivity. Software driven technology provides built in capability and flexibility for the future.

Enhance Your Donor Experience

  • Smooth pump operation –for increased donor comfort
  • Shorter procedure times – less waiting
  • OLED donor display – enhance donor awareness
  • Small machine footprint – less intimidating, more space
  • Quiet Running – good for all!


Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Rapid start-up: < 10 second self-test
  • Built in RFID/Bar code data input: improve operational compliance
  • Advanced touchscreen interface and high visibility warning display
  • Simplified disposable installation: fewer steps, quicker loading, fewer errors
  • WiFi/Networked data transmission: fast & accurate paperless procedures
  • Bi-directional capability: future proof, unlimited possibilities
  • Remote troubleshooting capability: quick response, reduced downtime


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The PCM is not currently licenced for sale in the USA