“Delivering safe, reliable and effective medical products and services which add value and represent the highest quality standards”

The team at Scinomed recognise this global industry is fundamentally built on the generous contribution made by donors. Therefore, the safety of donors and the high quality of customer care we deliver to the professionals who collect their lifesaving donation is our priority.

The Scinomed management team is a reputable group of people with significant experience in this field. Scinomed provides devices and services that enhance the collection, processing and distribution of blood and blood related products. With emphasis on safety and high quality our focus is to deliver value, whilst helping meet economic objectives.

Scinomed will focus on areas where lack of competition has held back technical innovation and availability of affordable products. Investment and development in process and technology at Scinomed allows the introduction of new products and devices that will enhance safety and drive innovation, resulting in efficiency and economic cost effectiveness.

A team of experts in the field of blood transfusion medicine are available to consult and provide solutions for collection and processing. By the development and innovation of blood processing technology our aim is to help address the growing need for scarce blood resources.